Are you like me? (GTQ)

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HI. Um. Yeah this is a quiz to like see if you're like me, GTQ-wise. And. Yeah. Basically just stuffs about GTQ like how many multi's you have and stuffs.

Oh and the profile picture is Eevee because....why wouldn't it be Eevee? XD There is never a wrong time for a random picture of Eevee :D Anyway, enjoy the quiz XD

Created by: UnLoving

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  1. What thread do you post in most often?
  2. Do you have an official thread?
  3. Do you ever post there? XD
  4. Do you like making quizzes?
  5. Do you like taking quizzes?
  6. Do you like making polls?
  7. Do you like taking polls?
  8. Favorite emoticon?
  9. Favorite GTQ emoticon?
  10. How many multi's do you have?
  11. Eevee?

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Quiz topic: Am I like me? (GTQ)