Are you like me?

Hello to you out there, i say i should just ramble on because no body reads these things anyway. Well i dont... You are here to find out whether we're similar or not.

To be like me, you must be sarcastic, witty, b----y, arsey, funny, moody, quiet, preserved, clever ( if i must say so myself), food loving, bed loving!

Created by: Sarcasmqueen

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  1. I come across as b----y and horrid but im not. Now tell me, are you a b----?
  2. Are you sarcastic? You can't be like me if you're not sarcastic....
  3. Can you do math? I'm top set of math but I can't do math... You get me?
  4. School: your happy place, or your worst nightmare?
  5. Do you love dogs?
  6. Do you read often? Because i read hella lot! So much i even wrote a speech on how important reading is! I could read it for you if you like? No? Okay...........
  7. Have you got pale skin? Cause i get mistaken for paper. No kidding... I am a real white girl
  8. Do you have boobs? Cause i got s great rack, 34 E for a 14 year old. Yep my back hurts...
  9. Are you eyebrows on fleek, without make up? Cause mine are awesome..
  10. Are you ready to find out whether we were tein separated at birth?

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Quiz topic: Am I like me?