Are you like me

This is a quiz to boost people's confidence in themselves and to see if they look like me or are like me in their everyday life. I like my look so I hope there aren't as many people her are like me.

Do you like standing out or fitting in? This is a quiz to make you choose if you like being like other people or standing out. I would choose standing out from everybody so the world wouldn't be dull

Created by: Meganl_10
  1. What color hair do you have
  2. What color are your eyes
  3. What is your size
  4. What kinda movies do you like
  5. What sports do you like / play
  6. What color skin do you have
  7. What clothes do you where on an everyday basis
  8. How are your social skills
  9. What are things you like doing over the summer
  10. How big is your house

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Quiz topic: Am I like me