Are you like a cat?

There are many people who have what it takes to be a cat. Some people are a lot like a cat. And some people are just not like a cat at all. Well, good luck.

Take this quiz to find out if you like a cat or not. I had fun making this quiz. I hope you enjoy it. You won't regret finding out if your a cat or not.

Created by: whatev

  1. Are you sneaky?
  2. can you jump high?
  3. do you like the sun?
  4. do you like to sleep?
  5. what do you do when you hear your name being called?
  6. when are you best?
  7. are you a good climber?
  8. do you have good ears?
  9. do you like to be fed?
  10. Are you ready for results?

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Quiz topic: Am I like a cat?