Are You In Love With a Painted Smile?

You have a boyfriend or girlfriend? You want to know where their loyalty lies? This handy dandy quiz can pick out the phonies, and how phony they are.

Painted smiles. Everywhere you turn you find a few. This is to find out if you’re stuck with one as a lover, or if you’re with some butthead who’s cheating on you.

Created by: BonJovi17
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  1. How serious is your relationship?
  2. Does this person act differently around you?
  3. Are they around someone else who could jeopardize your relationship?
  4. Have you ever tried to amuse this person and ended up on their Snapchat, instagram, Twitter or Facebook?
  5. If you answered “Yes” in any way whatsoever, did you want to be on social media?
  6. Do you know what a painted smile is?
  7. Are you any of the following: (Gullible, usable, just plain out stupid)?
  8. Do you trust your friend/man or girl/spouse?
  9. What best describes your relationship out of these Bon Jovi song names?
  10. Are you gonna rate and/or comment? (No effect on results)

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Quiz topic: Am I In Love With a Painted Smile?