Are you a TRUE Christian

Many people are phony Christians these days and this quiz will tell you if you want of those phonies, or if you're a real deal. Come on take the quiz let's see what you have got.

Are you a true Christian take this quiz to find out. This has a lot to do with the verses, what Christians believe, and their believes in many different topics.

Created by: Carson Paul Walker

  1. What are the first 5 words of John 3:16
  2. Jesus was...
  3. Mary is...
  4. Jesus was ___ years old when he got lost during Passover.
  5. Abraham and Sarah's real names were...
  6. Jesus was...
  7. Finish this I am the __ the ___ and the ___. No one gets to ______ except though _____.
  8. Was Mary a virgin her ENTIRE life?
  9. Most Christians are
  10. Most Christians ______ gay marriage, bra cause of Romans 1:26-27
  11. Jesus was…

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Christian