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  • 69% : You'ree .. Or you havee .. or it's

    -You're deeply in love-.But it's still not the one.But it'll be a great relationship for PROBABLY long time..You'll learn a lot in this relationship..

    Yeah right. We ain't breaking up. Not ever. You got that? He is the one and we rock it together

  • exuse me, but according to you I need to be celebate (at age 25) and jealous in order to be in love. Wake up, Jealousy is unhealthy, and 'kissing' is ok...particularly after 2 months of knowing the person.

  • Ummmm... I am NOT going to abandon my friend and family just for him.... This quiz was jusy OKAY!!!! I Do Believe I'm in Love!!!!

    random ilovedylan
  • this is stouped


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