Are You In Love?

love is life. We cannot live alone. someday we need to have someone who cares for us,loves us. love is a very special feeling that can't be express. you can only feel it :) so this quiz will tell you are you in love or not. so I'm SIM and I'm gonna tell you that :D

so first of all,I just wanna tell you I'm not a love guru :p I'm just making this quiz with some main questions :p so please you don't get the answers you want then don't feel bad or don't be sad :). So Are you In love? you'll get to know that in a few minutes

Created by: AbantaZayna

  1. when you wake up in the morning, do you think of him first?
  2. when you sleep, do you see him on your dreams?
  3. when you study,do you think of him?
  4. do you know what's his/her favourite color?
  5. do know what's his favourite food?
  6. do you've fear to loose him?
  7. do you get jealous when a girl/boy talks to him/her?
  8. do you like the things he likes?
  9. can you do anything for him/his?
  10. if you've too choose between him/her and your dreams. what would you choose?
  11. okay so don't forget to rate n what you've got. n you can share your feelings. maybe I can help. so please comment

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Quiz topic: Am I In Love?