Are you in love???

Now, ever wondered if you might be in love for the 1st time? It might be true! Who really knows when it comes to love... Well. You can find out in only a matter of seconds.

With this great quiz, there is always a pleasant surprise and there will be a good future for you. Try this quiz and there will be a future as a love doctor for you...

Created by: Dododotty

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you ever liked a person of the opposite gender before, just as a friend?
  2. Do you doodle hearts everywhere?
  3. Do you believe that if you wait, you'll find the right person for you?
  4. Have you had a girl/boyfriend before?
  5. Do you play a musical intrument?
  6. Do you want someone to make you feel safe?
  7. Do you want to protect a lady? (Boy's question)
  8. Is sketching people in love a hobby of yours?
  9. Would you mind having a child of your own?
  10. Is your style sweet and elf/fairy-like or urban and cool?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love???