Are you in love?

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hi, are u in love? take this test to find out! I am a love adviser helping dozens of people that need help figuring out their love. and also I deeply sympathize as well.

also if you need any love advice after taking this quiz, I am here to help! go to loveadvice @ GoToQuiz to ask questions or if you simply want to get to know me!

Created by: loveadvice
  1. do you feel like you are going to have a blush attack if you stare at them?
  2. have they ever made a special valentine for you?
  3. how old are they?
  4. have they ever willingly chosen to sit next to you or be your partner?
  5. would you be considered popular?
  6. would you be considered pretty?
  7. do you ever NOT want to look at them?
  8. have YOU ever wanted to make a special valentine for them?
  9. What gender are you?
  10. what gender is your partner?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love?