Are you in love

Being in love is magival and confusing thing. You dont know if your feelings are real or pretend. There are so many questions scrambling your thoughts.

Take this quiz it might help you unscramble your thoughts.It might help you know if the buterflies in your stomach is just gas or true love. Your out come might be a complete suprise

Created by: Brianna
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  1. Do you think your in love?
  2. When you see someone other then your current "someone" do you wish they were yours?
  3. Do you have second thoughts aboout your significant other?
  4. When your around them can you stop smiling.
  5. Do you get butterflies in your stomach when your around them and say things like Wup Sat...instead of whats up
  6. Do you think about them so much you say their name instead of someone else's?
  7. Do you dream about them often?
  8. Do you have a paper or notebook with their name written all over it?
  9. Have you written a song or poem about them?
  10. Did yoou keep everything they gave you?

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