Are you HOT,pretty,average or lame?

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You may think your HOT or lame,but this quiz determines your TRUE self. But don't change no matter your score! *This is my first quiz,so its a 50-50 chance this is a copy*

Do you have the skills to become hot? Let this quiz help you have a better lifestyle,leaving nothing along the path of life except for happiness! (Lol)

Created by: Mackenzie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you think your pretty,average,lame or hot?
  2. Do you wear makeup?
  3. Do you eat junk food?
  4. Are you currently single?
  5. Do you want a date?
  6. Do you think being hot,pretty,average,or lame will effect your life?
  7. Do you think being skinny matters?
  8. Do you think that being different means your worthless,a piece of junk,or a nobody?
  9. Do you think your worthless?
  10. Do you get physically or emotionally abused?

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Quiz topic: Am I HOT,pretty,average or lame?