Are you Grunge, Post Grunge, or Emo

are you a grungy growler,a tough but emotional post-grunge lover,or an over-sensitive probably just fad-following emo. so take this quiz to find out. see you later my ultimate-guitar name is tukk04

im not gonna write any thing here but the quiz maker program says i have to so im gonna go on randomly untill i get to the needed one-hundred fifty words but don't worry about reading this as it would just be a waste of your time

Created by: Tucker C.
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your favorite band of these five
  2. Do you own more...
  3. What's your favorite guitar of these
  4. you hate...
  5. Do you hurt your self purposely, if yes how?
  6. You like to eat
  7. how often do you clean your clothes
  8. guitar solos..
  9. i'm
  10. you couldn't live without

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Quiz topic: Am I Grunge, Post Grunge, or Emo