Are you Good or Evil!

There are many Good people out there, even so there are just as many Evil people. In my Quiz you will find out witch you are, Good or bad, Honest or Evil, or Yin and Yang. Not really a Yin and Yang quiz but it is still very fun.

Are you Good and bright like the sun or are you Dark and Evil like the bottomless pit of lost hopes and dredful fears? Find out by taking my FIRST EVER QUIZ!!!

Created by: Zankyou315
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  1. Welcome to my first ever Quiz!YAY!!! First question: What is your favorite color? Please don't shoot me!
  2. Have you ever gotten in a fight? (Be honest, please!)
  3. R.P?
  4. Okay someone is getting beat up on the street, what do you do?
  5. You found a $100 bill on the ground what do you do?
  6. Last R.P promise: You are speeding on the road and you see a cop, what is your reaction?
  7. Do you have alot of friends?
  8. Do you enjoy my first quizz?
  9. This will not effect your answer: Do you like to watch Anime?
  10. I hope you liked my First ever Quiz and yes it sucks but give me a break it's my first one. Last question: Will you rate this quizz?0_0

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Quiz topic: Am I Good or Evil!