Are you Good at Mathematics

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this is a quiz how well are you in mathematics it contains algebra 1&2 , Geometry and what is the consist this is a test of how well are you in math

i hope you enjoy the quiz and share this with your friends and let me know if you're good at mathematics and there's more quiz of Are you Good at, and i hope you learn something of this

Created by: Armando
  1. What Are the 4 Geometric shapes
  2. What are is a equations in algebra?
  3. find the real Algebra formula
  4. name all the real math subjects
  5. 2. + 5 x 9 =
  6. what is the formula of octagon
  7. (9) x 8 - (7) + 14 =
  8. (x x+ 1)-(7/2+y2)
  9. What does Math 55 consist of?
  10. 8 x 9 + 11 - 9 x+ 81 + 2 - 19 x+ 9 - 6 =

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Quiz topic: Am I Good at Mathematics