~How Well Do You Know Ice Cream And Math~

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This Quiz is about Ice cream and Mathematics! In this quiz you will have 10 questions! Good luck And Enjoy the Ice Cream And mathematics test! I Hope you Enjoy This Quiz.

This Quiz is very easy and shouldn’t be difficult. You Can start this quiz anytime you want! I hope you get a good score and that you succeed on this quiz. I’m counting on you!

Created by: Zaara Ally

  1. Which Ice Cream flavour is more minty?
  2. John Has 3 packages of Mint Ice cream in his fridge. Each Package contains 8 ice creams. How many Ice creams are the in total?
  3. Why does Ice Cream have different flavours?
  4. Are you enjoying this Quiz so far?
  5. What is 10 x 2?
  6. What does Regroup mean?
  7. What colour is Chocolate Ice cream?
  8. What is 10 x 3?
  9. Are popsicles related to Ice creams?
  10. What is 12 - 4?

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Quiz topic: ~How Well do I Know Ice Cream And Math~