Are you going to last with your boyfrien?

Boys can be tough sometimes. I know, u are always wondering if your bf is the one for you. Well take the test. You will find out. Maybe if you do, you will thank me for it, later.

Do you need to see if your bf is going to last. Well I'm sure if u take this quiz, you will find out if he is PERFECT. don't WORRY about a thing, u never know u could get a perfect score.

Created by: Kayleigh

  1. Does he flirt with other girls?
  2. Does he gives you jewelry
  3. Does he like to cuddle with you?
  4. How many dates have you been on?
  5. How much does he have in common with you
  6. Does he know everything about you?
  7. Does he care if yall watch movies together?
  8. Does he tickles you?
  9. How many months have yall been dating
  10. Does he talk to you first?

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Quiz topic: Am I going to last with my boyfrien?