Are you going to die at a young age, or old?

In today's world of advanced medicine, many people in developed countries will survive for a long time, usually in their eighties and nineties. Just a few hundred years ago, that would've been nearly inconceivable, but in the modern world of medicine, most people will live to an old age.

But...unfortunately there are some people who might not make it that old. Even in the modern world, in the most advanced countries, people are still dying young. This happens for many reasons, and it could or could not be the person's fault. But whatever the case, a young death is horrible.

Created by: Trevor

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  1. Do you do drugs?
  2. Have you undergone serious surgery within the past two years?
  3. How often do you smoke cigars or cigarettes?
  4. How often do you get drunk?
  5. Do you suffer from severe depression?
  6. How would you say your attitude is?
  7. How stressed are you?
  8. How often do you get sick enough to stay home from school/work?
  9. Do you wash your hands before you eat?
  10. Do you take a multi-vitamin daily?
  11. Do you eat a variety of foods?
  12. Do you exercise frequently?
  13. Do you have high blood pressure or heart problems?
  14. Do you have severe medical problems or injuries?
  15. Do you have unprotected sex with different partners?
  16. Have you ever been sick for longer then 2 weeks?
  17. Are you suicidal?
  18. As a person, are you still healthy and fit?
  19. Last question...are you overweight?

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Quiz topic: Am I going to die at a young age, or old?