are you girly or a tomboy

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This quiz is about how you are inside. If you are girly for example: skirts, fav color pink, loves jewelry, and purses. It also sees if your a tomboy fir example: sports player, ponytail, jean lover, don't really love jewelry.

I recommend this test cause you can see what category you belong in and you can let your friends try it to see if you are compatible. Buy taking this test you can find out more about your self and others. I haven't tried it yet but i can't wait

Created by: Amyah
  1. Pink or blue
  2. Which would you wear
  3. Would you rather....
  4. Would you play a sport
  5. If you would play a sport wich would you play
  6. When your in the mall would you buy...
  7. On a casual day would you wear your hair in a....
  8. Do you prefer necklace for bracelet
  9. If you went on a date were would you go
  10. Which Do you think you are
  11. What so you think of this quiz
  12. What so you think of this quiz
  13. What so you think of this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I girly or a tomboy