Are you getting bullied?

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Have you ever been bullied? well, i have and it's a terrible feeling coming home tired from depression each day it just tires you out!!!! And you feel like you are all alone well your not.

Well in this quiz you'll find out if your letting bullies tae control of you,friends or actions!!!!You need to speak up and stand out and say "i won't be bullied anymore"!!!! You may look like a chicken or embarssed but you've got to stand up for ourselves..

Created by: ilovemydog23
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have bullies/popular groups in your school?
  2. Are you in any of the drama(if they're is any at ur school)?
  3. Do you get bossed around by others?
  5. have you ever been physically hurt by a bullie?
  6. Have you ever been called mean words by ur bullie? (Such as fat,ugly,stupid,retarded,b---- etc.)
  7. Are you coming home crying alot?
  8. what does ur bullies name start with? (what letter)
  9. do you like this quiz?
  10. I'm srry your getting bullied i am too so i can relate answer this last question to see your score!:)

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Quiz topic: Am I getting bullied?