Are you friends with a pick me girl/boy?

so you could be friends with a pick me? They are showing signs of being one of the many toxic personalities on this Earth? Don’t fear because this is the test for you.

You will answer ten questions to find out if you are indeed friends with a pick me. There are two results: “Yes!“ and “Nope“. Don’t worry in perfectly good hands! I’ve dealt with pick mes before.

Created by: ZsterMusic28 of Zs official site
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  1. Are they dramatic?
  2. Do they claim to be an honorary member of the opposite gender (while not being trans/non binary) ?
  3. Do they belittle your struggles and/or accomplishments?
  4. Do they act “quirky“?
  5. Do they have any mental health conditions that you know of?
  6. Do you like them as a friend? (Be honest)!
  7. Do you think they are a pick me?
  8. Why do you think they might be a pick me?
  9. How did you become friends?
  10. Lastly, how do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I friends with a pick me girl/boy?