Are You Envious?

I made this quiz 'cause I was bored and I couldn't think of anythingelse better to make so I decided on making this quiz fr fun! I hope you like. I'm so bored and find it really pointless to have to say much to y'all, it's like school or something!

I really have nothing else to say but I hope what you get in your results that you like it and that you're not envious becausethen you'll probably hate me even though it's actually the truth and I would like it if you left a comment and rate my quiz!

Created by: puakea32

  1. You see your crush talking with your bff, you react by :
  2. You see a really beautiful/handsome and popular guy walk by, your thoughts are :
  3. You are taking a quiz and when you get it back you get a F+! (sorry if you actually usually get straight A's) and you see that the hansome/beautiful person got the best grade! You react bye :
  4. There's a dance coming up and your crush asked your bff if he'll/she'll go with them and they say yes. What do you do? :
  5. You have a really crabby flip-phone and your friend just got the newest one! You say :
  6. Your friend got invited to a party but you did not get invited. You :
  7. You've wanted something for two years and begged you parents multiple times for it but they always said no. Your cousin/brother/friend gets the same exact thing in a week. You :
  8. M'kay, i can not think of anything else, so bye
  9. Do you like pancakes? (yes i like pancakes) Do you like waffles? (yes i like waffles) Do you like french toast? (yes i like french toast) PANCAKES! WAFFLES! FRENCHTOAST!

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Quiz topic: Am I Envious?