Are you Emo or a Fake?

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People often call themselves emo...but really, they have no idea what our culture is about. Emo isn't a name your use in vain, its our world! This test is a footing into the Emo revival!

Somepeople call themselves "Emo" but are they really? Or maybe there just Fake's! Take this one-of-a-kind test, constructed by Emo's to test your wits in the emo world! Will you come out alive to face the Emo revival? Or will you crumble under " Norma"? Take this test and find out!

Created by: Ember

  1. What is Emo to you?
  2. Define " Beauty"
  3. What would you look for in a girlfriend/Boyfriend?
  4. Does music inspire you?
  5. Do you value the opinion of others?
  6. What is friendship to you?
  7. Slim Shady or Silverstein?
  8. Would you wear black lipstick in public?
  9. The Emo revival
  10. Sex on a first date?

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Quiz topic: Am I Emo or a Fake?