are you emo goth or just a plain person?

there are many people who think they are emo or goth,but doing this quiz will show them!they might have one thing missing in their lives to be goth or emo or plain,this quiz willl show you that just wearing black or just wearing a studded belt doesnt make you emo or just embarrases you when you say that ur emo or that you are goth just over a black tshirt or black nail polish

so are YOU goth or are YOU emo or are YOU just plain,you shall see at the end of this quiz,so remember,this is only a quiz,so i ends up that ur result is "emo" there is no need to get angry and smash the screen,its only a simple quiz!

Created by: Jesse of this site
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  1. do you have black hair?
  2. do you wear black clothing from head to toe?
  3. do you occasionaly have hair over one eye?
  4. do you slit underneat your forearm(wrists)?
  5. do you paint your nails black and have black lipstick on?
  6. do you like the used?
  7. do you like marilyn manson?
  8. do you like cradle of filth?
  9. do you wear studded belts?
  10. do you like punk or screamo music

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Quiz topic: Am I emo goth or just a plain person?