Are you eco-friendly?

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Our beautiful earth is falling apart,global warming is melting the ice caps and the litter bugs are to blame!Earth needs eco-warriors to help us save our planet!

But are you an eco-warrior or are you the litter bug,will earth meet its end because of you or will you help our planet become beautiful once more.will YOU save our planet TODAY.

Created by: jenna

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  1. what do you do with your old cans?
  2. do you conserve your planets energy? such as:electricity,fossil fuels.etc
  3. do you use plastic packets at the shopping mall?If you don't, why?
  4. do you switch the light off in a room if it is not in use?
  5. do you pick up litter on the street? Why?
  6. how would you respond to this question:at 5:00 tonight we will switch off all the lights to conserve energy.
  7. do you plant trees?
  8. do you write on the back of old paper?
  9. do you like camping in a:
  10. do you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I eco-friendly?