Are you easy to turn against others?

Okay, so you decided to take my quiz! YAY! I hope you like it. You're in middle school and you don't know that someone's watching you. You keep seeing visions of really weird things.

I really hope you like it! This quiz is designed to test how well you know yourself and how you would keep going in certain fantasy situations. Can you guess how powerful YOU are?

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  1. Ok. So you're in school, just finishing your math assignment when you hear running outside your classroom. Then the fire alarm goes off and your class goes completely crazy trying to get to the door. You are knocked out of the way several times.
  2. Next thing you know you're the last person in the room. Your teacher TOTALLY overlooked you. Despite your panic you somehow KNOW the fire hasalready eaten up the hallway to the door.
  3. You walk slowly to the door. Your legs are shaking. When you get there, licks of fire are already around the frame. You are doubtful that you're going to get out now.
  4. All of a sudden this foreign word comes to your mind: Hestianamos. You don't think, you just say it, and you feel a surge of power flow through you.
  5. The fire parts around you as you walk down the hall with this new feeling of power. Then you hear a scream.
  6. You follow the screaming and find a little girl, probably about six or seven, huddled in a corner. There is no fire around her, either.
  7. You pick her up and turn around, trying to find a safe way to go. The little girl seems to look just like you did at that age. She is coughing and sputtering.
  8. You just randomly run down hallways to find an exit until you bump into a dark figure and fall backwards, the little girl still in your arms, her eyes closed and tears running down her cheeks.
  9. You stand up and hold the little girl closer. The figure holds out a hand. "Give me the girl," He says. There is a sense of authority in the voice, and you almost do. "No." You say bravely. Then you're running away, the figure chasing you on your heals. The little girl cries now.
  10. You are about to be caught by the figure when you are shaken awake by your mom. "Time for school, honey," She says. You get up and start to get dressed.
  11. When you're at school, the intercom comes on. "______(your name), please come to the office.
  12. You go down to the office, and there's the hottest guy you've ever seen sitting in the waiting chair. You wonder whose dad he is when he standsup and holds out a hand. "______(your name), come with me."
  13. The receptionist does not look at you when you tell her you don't know who he is. She just stares ahead with glassy eyes. You scream, "Help!" as he drags you out the door. "Quiet!" He whispers in your ear when you're outside. "You're not safe here."
  14. "How am I not safe here, stranger?" You yell at him. His iron grip tightens on your arm when you try to pull away. "They are after you." He says. Then you black out.
  15. Weel, that's all for now. I'll make part 2 when I have more time.

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Quiz topic: Am I easy to turn against others?