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  • Are You Different?
    Your Result: You are average. 86%

    Your an average person with little intelligence, this is the most common result of all. You cant see the truth, you must know yourself to know the 'answer', your probably thinking what I just said is stupid, of course, then again, your just average.

    86% Your Are An Angel
    0% You are an Idiot

    Excuse me?Im one of the smartest kids in all of my classes.I have lots of intelligence.I also have many talents.If you knew me.You would know that I'm talented,sweet,and caring.Im also a huge Directioner.

    Kiersten 1D
  • I'm an angel... Haha awesome quizz... Loved it. First comment on this quiz :0 Haha good luck for more of your quizzes. :)


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