Are You Dance Obsessed?

Dance is a big azpect of modern society. Many people claim to love dance...... but don't really. Are they showing off to their friends or what? Are you one of those people... or are you a true dancer at heart?

Do you LOVE dance, or HATE it? This quiz will reveal your true feelings about the world of dance - in mere minutes! Many people wonder how obsessed they are. Trust me, this quiz will tell you.

Created by: Maggie

  1. How many hours a week do you dance in a class?
  2. How many times a week do you dance?
  3. Would you like to dance professionally?
  4. Have you danced in any talent shows or contests?
  5. What about pointe?
  6. Do people tell you you talk about dance too much?
  7. Do you take dance camp?
  8. Do you practice walking like a dancer at school?
  9. Do you try to incorporate dance into your school projects, etc.?
  10. Do you think dance is fun?
  11. Finally, are you a good dancer?

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Quiz topic: Am I Dance Obsessed?