are you cute or ugly??

there are many people that think they are ugly or cute. well find out on this quiz. who cares if your ugly. you still have friends with you to chear you up when your feeling down. live life and have fun for a change

it's not your looks,it's your personality. i don't care if your hidious, i'll just love the kind personality you have.don't be grouchy,mean and impulsive to others. be nice, calm and maybe even romantic

Created by: lakhitta clement
  1. what would you wear often?
  2. what is your favourite colour?
  3. if you had a date with a really hot guy/girl where would you go for your date?
  4. what colour hair do you have?
  5. what colour eyes do you have? -_-
  6. what is your favourite flower
  7. what is your favourite type of music??
  8. what is your favourite kind of film??
  9. are you gay/lesbian?
  10. would you rather prefer a romantic dinner or a picnic on the beach with wine

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Quiz topic: Am I cute or ugly??