Are you beautiful or ugly.

Are you gonna do this quiz?then do it.Sorry for the result ugly it's just a quiz.Actually this quiz is called are you beautiful or ugly.Have fun but be careful you will get the result ugly.

And also my name is Uni.It is my first time making this quiz.Like I say don't be upset if you have the result ugly.Its just a quiz.Like a game do not be upset.But enjoyyyyy!!

Created by: Uni
  1. First, what colour do you like?
  2. Umm do you like unicorns?
  3. What do you like wearing
  4. What accsessories you like wearing?
  5. Where do you like living if you're a mythical creature?
  6. What is your favourite mythical creatures
  7. What do you like eating/drinking?
  8. What result would you might get
  9. What is your favourite spare time
  10. What season do you like
  11. How do you describe yourself?

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Quiz topic: Am I beautiful or ugly.