Are you cool or uncool

wanna know your coolness level? try this quiz to know your level of coolness and steps to take to improve. okay no jibs aproved ill just type about typing and stuff like other cool stuff

You know if you were really cool you would be out doing cool people stuff.just take this test to find out how close you really are.well a few more three

Created by: earth70

  1. do you smoke
  2. do you pick your nose
  3. do you wear shades on cloudy days
  4. do you like pizza
  5. what kind of music is closest to your style
  6. do you really need this quiz to know if you are cool
  7. chicken or egg
  8. do you know the answer to the next question
  9. guns are
  10. why?
  11. are you cool
  12. if you have 2 cupcakes and somebody takes one how many do you have
  13. click here
  14. you are done with this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I cool or uncool