Are You Cool (in Ryan's opionon)

Well, we all know that there are many different types of people out there, however which person are you? Are you smart, funny, sad, stupid, exciting, or what? Well, today you're taking a test to see how cool you are in the eyes of ryan. Please answer completely & truthfully.

Think your cool? Think you're popular? You may have all the friends, but you may not be really cool. Take this following exam to see how cool you are in the eyes of ryan.

Created by: Ryan

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  1. If all your friends had a limited edition game system, such as Wii, Xbox, PS3, or the cube. Would you consider buying it? If the game system doesn't intrest you, use a watch, dvd, accessory, clothing, video game, etc.
  2. You have two tickets to the "Scrappers" baseball game, but you really don't like baseball. What do you do?
  3. I'm you're best friend, and my favorite color is blue, your cousin's favorite color is green, and your favorite color is red. What color would you tell your friend, if your favorite color was red?
  4. What is the definition of "Squay"? f.i- pronunced (ska-way)
  5. Do you feel it's necessary to write detailed away messages + call/text.
  6. First, Do you think smoking is cool/Second, do you hate smokers.
  7. If you have a cousin who's best friend you hate at first, would you pretend to act like their you're bff, to appear cool?
  8. If your close friend/relative/pet or neigbor rode the bus with you, would you sit with your friends and pretend your friend/relative/pet or neighbor never exsisted or would you talk to them.
  9. It's merry christmas and you got a new _____________ (fill in with tv, board game, cell phone, dvd) Would you show that gift off.
  10. Do you think it's important to have lots of money?
  11. Do you ever find yourself putting weird, strange phrases in you're profile.
  12. Would you ever become friends with some one who's really smart, talented, and more, or rather become friends with a nice, caring person.
  13. Do you & your family come up with crazy ideas, nicknames, games, and memories, but still have a good time.

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