Are you considered beautiful?

So beauty has many definitions. Of course outer beauty matters to us, and there are certain trends that decide if you fit the mold or if you do not. Of course we all want to seem pretty.

There is a reason the quiz title has the word considered in it, because styles change, and what's consisted pretty now may not be later. Just remember that in the long run it is inner beauty that matters.

Created by: Anonymous
  1. What is your body like?
  2. What is your skin like?
  3. What is your hair texture like?
  4. Do you wear a lot of makeup?
  5. Do you get stared at enviously or checked out a lot by strangers?
  6. What do you wear, usually?
  7. Do you have your "curves in the right places"?
  8. Do you get complimented a lot?
  9. Last question : do YOU think you are beautiful?

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Quiz topic: Am I considered beautiful?