Are you beautiful or ugly???

♥ This is about beauty and how beautiful you realy are! if you think you could be as pretty as kylie minogue or rihanna take this quiz now Now NOW!

Are YOU beautiful or are YOU ugly take this fun quiz to find out if your Kylie.M or Ugly Betty (Sorry about my spelling!) okay thanks! hope you like!

Created by: Donotdisturb
  1. What do you normally wear on a night out?
  2. where sounds the best place to hang out with your bf/bff/gf?
  3. Whats your dream pet?
  4. whats your fave colour?
  5. what sounds most tastey?
  6. your on a date with your bf/gf and you order but when you get the food you dont like it what do you do?
  7. you see your bff and your bf/gf kissing what do you do?
  8. where would you want to get married?
  9. what would you NOT be cought doing?
  10. did you like this quiz? (WARNING:this will not effect your score!)
  11. should i make more quizes? (WARNING:this will not effect your score ither!)

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Quiz topic: Am I beautiful or ugly???