Are you awesome?*laughs*Sure you are

There are many awesome people.Awesome people take up a quarter of this earth.But it has been proven that Justin Bieber is not one of them.And the maker of this quiz dares you to comment and defend him.

Well....ARE YOU AWESOME?Can you make it through the world being one of those awesome people who take up a quarter of our earth today?Possibly...Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Marisol

  1. You see your crush at the mall,what do you DO!?
  2. You pick out your outfits for the next 7 days...what is mostly in the combo's of the clothing?
  3. You eat mostly...
  4. What did you put for the last question?
  5. You pull out a knife to cut an apple,and your best friend screams:YOUR TO YOUNG!What do you do?
  6. Eat a cherry,thn eat some whip cream,then eat some ice cream,then eat a spoon,then eat a bowl.What did you just eat from the top down?
  7. Are some of these questions random?
  8. What symbol is the best looking?
  9. Your on a beach in Cali.It's blazing hot and you are bored,what do you do?
  10. Ok,last question,after this your gonna....

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Quiz topic: Am I awesome?*laughs*Sure you are