Are you awesome

There are awesome people and normal people. take on me,as we plunge through a zombie testin, ninja squirrel besting world. And take on me. YES ME. uh huh!

If You beat me you win a pony, HONEST GUV. This is an awesome quiz devised by a witty and clever person, Remember to post your stats to gloat. YAAAYZ KAYS?

Created by: Bob evilton
  1. Do you like batman?
  2. What online games do you play??
  3. Do you likes... SQUIRRELS!
  4. Do you play halo
  5. Are you a zombie?
  6. And it was a little bit...
  7. Do you like the beatles?
  8. Do you currently have hostages in your house
  9. did han shoot greedo?
  10. Did u likes bob
  11. Is this a goood quiz
  12. Final question
  13. Zombies are everywhere. BRAINZZ

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Quiz topic: Am I awesome