Are You Awesome?

There are many awesome people out there, but few true awesome ones. Awesome is somebody who is talented, and could do thingss others cannot yet do....

Are YOU awesome!?!? After this quiz it may change your life forever. You could be telling your friends that your awesome! Tell your friends to see if there awesome on this quiz!!!!

Created by: Fool

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  1. Do You Think Your Awesome?
  2. Are Your Parents Awesome?
  3. Are Your Freinds Awesome?
  4. Who Is Awesome?
  5. Is Justin Bieber Awesome?
  6. What TV Show Is Awesome?
  7. Is Selena Gomez Awesome?
  8. Is Your Computer Awesome?
  9. Is Dust Awesome?
  10. Is Joey Burns Awesome?

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Quiz topic: Am I Awesome?