Are you aware of your surroundings?

What goes on beyond your eyes? Do you really understand the life you live in? I thought I knew the truth, but not so recently did I learn I was false.

Do you want to see if you know the truth that these high powered authority figures are trying to keep from you? Or are you just like everybody else? Brain dead and not even having a clue as to what goes on beyond shut curtains?

Created by: pie

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  1. How often do you use your phone for unnecessary reasons?
  2. Do you think about why an authority figure is asking you to do something? (making you take pills, etc.)
  3. Do you listen to now a day trend music? (nicki minaj, lil wayne, kanye, beyonce, etc.)
  4. Do you look at the labels of food and wonder what is in it, or look up the ingredients.
  5. Can you recall your dreams when you wake up, and try to see what it means? (here and there memories, or you think hard?)
  6. Do you thank your God or belief for giving you life and letting you live?
  7. Do you use toothpaste that contains fluoride?
  8. Do you ever look at the sky and wonder what is beyond it?
  9. Do you think the high authority people will kill us soon?
  10. Do you believe the earth is flat or round?

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Quiz topic: Am I aware of my surroundings?