How attracted are you to black women?

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This is a quiz for white guys who think they might be interested in dating black women. It aims to measure the degree of attraction you feel towards black women, and whether it is likely you will ever pursue a relationship with one.

It should go without saying that all women are individuals and shouldn't be reduced to a single characteristic. Nevertheless human beings do have preferences, to a greater or lesser extent, for external factors like hair color, body shape, eye color, skin color, height and others. Ethnicity and color are complex things, linked to identity, and the term "black" is broad, but for the sake of this quiz, it refers to heritage encompassing any of the following: African, Caribbean, Mixed White and Black, Mixed White and Caribbean, Mixed White and African, African American, Mixed White and African American. In that context, let's see whether you are attracted to black women and if you should pursue a relationship with one.

Created by: QuizMaster17

  1. How do you feel about the idea of interracial dating between a black woman and a white man?
  2. If you were to go on a dating site and set your preferences for a partner, would you specify black ethnicity/race/skin color as a desirable characteristic?
  3. Take a look at your Instagram feed. What proportion of the women you follow are black?
  4. Have you ever read fiction about an interracial BWWM relationship and enjoyed it?
  5. When was the last time you consumed media featuring a black woman?
  6. Have you ever seen a black woman on the street and been instantly attracted to her?
  7. Do you often fantasize about black female celebrities and models?
  8. Scenario 1: A group of attractive women in a bar are all looking over at you, one of the group is black. Who do you approach?
  9. Scenario 2: You've been matched on a dating app with three women. You find them all attractive. Two are white, one is black. Who do you message first?
  10. Do you find darker skin tones attractive?
  11. How much do you want to have a sexual experience with a black woman?
  12. Could you see yourself dating a black woman?
  13. Could you see yourself having a long term relationship with or getting married to a black woman?
  14. Would you want to have a family with a black woman?
  15. Finally, after taking this quiz, how would you describe the level of attraction you think you feel towards black women?

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Quiz topic: How attracted am I to black women?