Are you as loved as you think

Do you ever feel unappreciated, or over appreciated? Do you often wonder if your family adores you as much as you think, or do they just tolerate you?

Ofcourse the average person would say "I know my family loves me, your crazy" but take this quiz and you will find out the truth. So sit back and take this simple yes and no quiz. It is 98% accurate.

Created by: jimmy

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  1. Do you often feel as if you are unappreciated by your family\friends no matter how much you try?
  2. Have you ever spoiled your friends with gifts because you feel like your doing a good deed?
  3. Have you ever found out your best friend was just using you for your goods and really never liked you?
  4. Have you ever had your heart broken by your crush because of something you lacked?
  5. Do you often think you would be better of dead?
  6. Would anyone mistake you for a sad, lonely, or depressed person all the time?
  7. Does your family ever reward you or show appreciation for your good deeds, or accomplishments?
  8. Do you feel as if you "beg" your loved ones to spend time with you?
  9. How would you descrbe yourself?
  10. Are you happy with your life so far?

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Quiz topic: Am I as loved as you think