Are you as evil as me

So you want to know if you are as evil as me if you are brave enough continue on word but be warned so what is going to be said I have told only a few people

Don't be afraid I would never harm a friend but if you are one of my enemies you best watch your back in dark places and in your dreams my you have nightmares

Created by: The demonic

  1. Do you have a darker side
  2. Have you attempt to rob someone
  3. Have you ever wanted to snap someone's neck
  4. Have you ever wanted to snap someone's neck
  5. Do you feel no pity
  6. Or no pain
  7. Have you ever wanted to stab someone
  8. Have you ever made a murder plan
  9. Do you admire the work that Jack the Ripper did
  10. Do your feet burn each time you set foot on holy ground

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Quiz topic: Am I as evil as me