Are You Aromantic?

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Hello, there. Are you having trouble figuring out if you’re aromantic or not? This quiz might help. Fifteen questions with plenty of options for answers. I hope this helps you. I made it as accurate as I could.

Remember, this quiz is not 100% accurate. If you are seriously questioning, go do some research on this subject. This quiz will not tell you all the answers, I strongly advise you to look this up. And with that said, enjoy the quiz. I hope it helps.

Created by: amelia_tests
  1. Have you ever felt romantic attraction to someone?
  2. Have you ever been in a romantic relationship?
  3. Can you picture yourself kissing someone?
  4. Have you ever pretended to have a crush on somebody to fit in with your peers?
  5. Do you often think about getting married?
  6. Do you identify as asexual?
  7. How interesting do you find your friend’s love lives?
  8. Do you often get irritated when people pester you about your crushes?
  9. Do you feel uncomfortable when you encounter romantic scenes in movies/books?
  10. Is it easy to picture the rest of your life without a romantic partner?
  11. Do you feel happy and fulfilled being single?
  12. Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity or fictional character?
  13. Do you ever feel disconnected from friends or family because you don’t experience romantic attraction like they do?
  14. Do you believe in “love at first sight?”
  15. Final question. Do you THINK you are aromantic?

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