are you apart of the dekusquad or bakusquad?

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hi please tell me if anything i did wrong tell me it is my first time doing one of these but hope you are having a great day fellow human bean and yes i said bean hehe :)

uhh it made me type this and i dunno what to put but how you doing heh- well-ll what is your fave character sorry i am awkward hehe umm ya hope you like it i guess....

Created by: Mina ashido

  1. what does your friends describe you as?
  2. who is your fave character in BNHA
  3. how do you feel about Shinsou
  4. fave ship?
  5. fave hero name
  6. do you like bakugou or deku more
  7. what is your fave color
  8. who is in the dekusquad (just seeing if you know who is in it for no reason)
  9. who is in the bakusquad? (again just seeing)
  10. what would YOU do if you got acepted to UA?

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Quiz topic: Am I apart of the dekusquad or bakusquad?