Are you annoying?

Are you annoying? Do people not like you? : causing vexation : irritating Examples of ANNOYING This is a quiz about being annoying Lets hope you are not.

Main Entry: an·noy Pronunciation: -ni Function: verb : to disturb or irritate especially by repeated acts : VEX - an·noy·er noun Find out if you are annoying here

Created by: koalabear1
  1. Do you like to start drama to get attention?
  2. Do you inturupt people midsentance?
  3. Do you inturpt class alot?
  4. Do you listen to 1D?
  5. Do you make fun of people?
  6. If you saw a hate page for your favoraite artist what would you do?
  7. Do you wear alot of makeup?
  8. Its Valentines day and you are alone what do you do?
  9. Turtle
  10. This quiz is over will you comment and rate

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Quiz topic: Am I annoying?