Are you and your friend BFF's forever?

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There are many pairs of friends in the world. Compatible ones, bad ones, and all sorts of friends. But the rarest of all is a best friend. Someone to confide in. Someone to be kind to... are you and your friend the right mixture? Do this quiz to find out!

Are you and your best friend compatible? Do this quiz to find out! This quiz is mainly aimed at kids as there are a few references to school but feel free to take it, adults, but it will work better if you have been friends since school.

Created by: Comex

  1. Why were you attracted to each other in the first place?
  2. Have you made plans of how to keep in touch later?
  3. Has your friend ever introduced you to something new?
  4. How long have you been friends/ How long have you known that person (Select the fraction that applies to you, if you have know eachother 8 years and were friends for 4 of them, select 1/2)
  5. Have you been round each others houses?
  6. Are you in the same social status at school?
  7. Do you like each other
  8. Are you loyal
  9. Is she/he loyal?
  10. Do you think you will be friends forever?

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Quiz topic: Am I and my friend BFF's forever?