Are You An Undertale Geek, Fan Or A Complete Noob?

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This is a quiz to determine whether you know what Unertale is and (if you know what it is) if you are a Geek or just a Fan. If you don't know what Undetale is please don't do this quiz.

If you are really an Undertale fan/geek welcome to this quiz as this will test your knowledge to the max (in my opinion) please DO NOT CHEAT or Chara WILL get you!!

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  1. Who is the first person or monster you meet (other than yourself) in Undertale?
  2. What are the three paths you can take?
  3. Who is Flowey really?
  4. Frisk is who you play as in the game. True or False?
  5. Who is the judge who ,on the worst path, kills you?
  6. Who does Alphys create?
  7. Who is WD Gaster?
  8. What is the most popular AU?
  9. What is an AU?
  10. Are you exited for your score? And Is Sans a Skeleton?
  11. Last one. Can YOU KILL in the game yes or no?

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