Are you an OU student?

Are you a student? Are you an Open University student? An OU student is a special breed of scholar with superb time management skills and a very patient family.

Are you looking forward to endless years of studying? Have you stocked up on pencils and paper, only to find you need a laptop and a crate of printer ink? Welcome to OU study

Created by: Tutor
  1. How do you get to the OU library?
  2. How do you dress for OU study?
  3. what's a TMA?
  4. What do your tutors wear at tutorials?
  5. What's Surf Teddy?
  6. How much will your degree cost?
  7. What's the F5 key on your keyboard for?
  8. What's the purpose of an OU exam?
  9. What will you do after you graduate?
  10. What's the best thing about your OU studies?

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Quiz topic: Am I an OU student?