are you an infant,toddler,preschooler,kid,or adult?

Hey how old are you? Are you an infant who must be taken care of. todsler who can be watched a lot. preschooler who is in preschool.kid having fun. or an adult in your office?

with my quiz u will find out and if it satifies you act the way you got and rate this good. only a few moments it will take find out now! are you daring enough?

Created by: Willie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you cry?
  2. Do you wear diapers?
  3. follow up do you soil them?
  4. follow up if you dont wear them what do you?
  5. Do you nap?
  6. Can you talk?
  7. Can you read?
  8. can u crawl?
  9. do you have teeth?
  10. what do you watch?
  11. what do you play?
  12. whats 2+2?
  13. do u suck on a pacifier.
  14. what do u eat?
  15. What school are you in?
  16. finally how old are you
  17. what do you think you are?
  18. what do you ride/drive
  19. How do adullts view you?
  20. what do friends do with you?

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Quiz topic: Am I an infant,toddler,preschooler,kid,or adult?