Are You an Individualist?

Most people believe they're individualists. They wear it as a badge of pride and honor; but for many, it means something quite different from what it is in reality. What is an individualist, and is true individualism really centered in the individual, or is it defined by what's good for a society as a whole, comprised of individuals?

Are you and individualist? Do you have the conviction of principle, or do you just try to get by? Take five minutes to answer these 22 questions, and be honest. Answer what you really thing, or the closest choice to what you really think, and see how it comes out. The results are sure to surprise you.

Created by: Richard Nikoley of Uncommon Sense
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  1. Which way do you typically vote at election time?
  2. Democrat public policy is BEST described as...?
  3. Republican public policy is BEST described as...?
  4. The CHIEF problem with Libertarians is...?
  5. "Selfishness" is BEST characterized as...
  6. Pure democracy, as a political institution, is...?
  7. Homelessness and poverty are...?
  8. Terrorism is best dealt with by...?
  9. Illegal drugs and drug deals are...?
  10. Sex for hire is...?
  11. Public education is...?
  12. Your motivations for helping someone in need are BEST described as...?
  13. You are the victim of a terrible assault against you. Who has the right to redress?
  14. A cold-blooded murderer is caught, tried in court, found guilty by a jury and sentenced to death. You are vindicated, because...?
  15. A no-smoking section in a restaurant is...?
  16. The Constitution of the United States is best described as...?
  17. Between the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which is the most important document?
  18. Voting at election time is...?
  19. Taxation is...?
  20. How many individualists can you fit on the head of a pin?

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