Are You An Idiot?

Are you an Idiot? Or is everyone else around you an Idiot? Idiot is a strong word what about stupid? Well if you think you can handle the truth maybe you could ask your friends, but why not takle a fun quiz instead?

Tired of just being called stupid? Maybe you're an idiot? Why not find out and show everyone what's up! Don't spend your life pondering this deep seeded question. Check it out now and end the insanity!

Created by: christina of this site
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you an Idiot?
  2. You are an Idiot?
  3. Did you have to refer to question 3 to answer question 4?
  4. Were you excited to take this quiz?
  5. Do you laugh when people fall or worry?
  6. Do you have Idiotic Tendencies?
  7. Did you read the title of this quiz out loud when you saw it?
  8. Do you regularily have to fill one of these out? ID 10 T Form
  9. Do you frown upon other idiots?
  10. Do you have a secret Identity?
  11. What is it?

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Quiz topic: Am I An Idiot?